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2nd year Confirmation Prep classes will begin Wednesday, September 12. Dinner begins at 6:00 pm. 

Teachers: Mike Baustert, Pat Brueggen, Nancy Holthe, Stephanie Jeffrey, Melinda Mayhew, Joanie Meyer, Linda Miller, J.D. Mueggenborg, Sue Patchin & Jeff Palmer

A big thank you to the ladies who cook meals on a weekly basis for our Confirmation, and Youth Group: Sharon Robinson, Jaunita Krittenbrink, Theresa Liebl, Mary Nell Brueggen, & Karen Alig.

CHOSEN – The Catholic Faith for Teens

Chosen is going to change the way we pass along our precious gift of the Catholic Faith to the next generation. Designed to offer young people a life-changing experience as they journey through their Catholic faith in all its richness and vitality, the goal is nothing short of winning over the hearts of teens and making them lifelong disciples of Christ.

Chosen utilizes a powerful and effective methodology with lessons designed to capture teens’ attention and present the faith in new and unexpected ways. Featuring multiple dynamic presenters in visually stunning, fast-paced videos, along with fully integrated written materials for students and leaders as well as a rich offering of free, online resources, Chosen is unlike anything available in the Church today.