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Parish Council is an elected and appointed body of parishioners who serve as an advisory board to the Pastor. We advise the Pastor in most phases of parish activity: by formulating, recommending, and assisting the implementation of policy. We do not advise in matters reserved to other persons by Canon Law (Church Law) or Archdiocesan policy.

What is the Parish Council?

The Parish Council is an advisory forum designed to bring together the different ministries of the people of God. The focal point is co-responsibility and communication. Co-responsibility is expressed through the special gifts and talents of the community members who use them for the common good of the Parish. Through effective communication Parish representatives will provide guidance in a manner of loving service. Joining in this body creates a place where different roles of ministry can dialogue, and where the charisms of the people of God can be employed for the common welfare of all.

What Will We Accomplish?

The effective outcome of Parish Council is to develop and deepen ministries that promote worship, formation, outreach, stewardship and community life and administration. This includes making recommendations on various aspects of Parish life, initiating programs, forming policies and providing vision for the continued growth and development of the Parish Community.

How Do I Become a Member of Parish Council?

A faith-filled Parishioner with a desire to share their hearts, ideas, knowledge, and insights with the greater community through prayer, influence, organizational skills (to name a few), is are readily moved into action, and can give at least four hours a month to this ministry, is a good candidate for Parish council. The term of the commitment is three years. You will be serving with some experienced Council members as well as some who will be new this year.

Process for Parish Council Participation

  1. Prayerfully consider if you are a candidate and are willing to step in at this time. If you feel weak or unsure, pray for the courage and strength before deciding. Trust that all will be provided, if this is a time of growth for you.

  2. Prayerfully consider if you know of others who personify these traits.One way we recognize our true gifts are through the acknowledgement of them by our community. Speak to that person and encourage them to join.

  3. Submit your name or the name of the person you are encouraging to Father.

  4. Elections are held in the Spring, usually in late May.

Council Members

Ideally we will have members from all ministry areas worship, formation, outreach, stewardship and community life and administration.

Current Members

Chairman – Tom Schaefer
Vice-Chairman – Mike Baustert
Secretary – Marian Rother
Members – Karla Eischen, Mike Kretchmar, Karri Parson, Art Meyer, Janelle Grellner, Pat Rother