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Protestant attacks on the Catholic Church often focus on the Eucharist. This demonstrates that opponents of the Church—mainly Evangelicals and Fundamentalists—recognize one of Catholicism’s core doctrines. What’s more, the attacks show that Fundamentalists are not always literalists. This is seen in their interpretation of the key biblical passage, chapter six of John’s Gospel, in which Christ speaks about the sacrament that will be instituted at the LastSupper. This tract examines the last half of that chapter.

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A first-class relic of Blessed Stanley Rother was presented October 15 to his home parish of Holy Trinity in Okarche during a Mass of Celebration.  The relic was presented to Archbishop Coakley by Blessed Stanley Rother's brother, Tom Rother.  After Mass, the celebration continued with the Oklahoma City Guatemalan community.



Historic beatification held in Oklahoma 

On May 24, 2017, the Administrative Building dedicated to Blessed Stanley Rother was blessed by Most Rev. Paul S. Coaklely, Most Rev. Eusebius J. Beltran, Bishop Edward Weisenburger, and clergy from the Archdiocese.  A Mass of Inauguration was celebrated followed by dinner for hundreds of the faithful.

Please bring pajamas & house shoes by Monday, December 18 to school or church offices.  

Tuesday, December 19 at 1:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
The pre-K 3 through 2nd graders will be performing “Guess Who’s Coming to Bethlehem? A Manger Mystery Musical.”  
The 3rd and 4th grades will be performing with the upper grades in "Listen to the Lambs."

Thirty students and adults provided enough food for 400 Blessing Baskets
The students delivered baskets to 35 families at their homes.

Holy Trinity youth group Helps Fire Dept.

On Wednesday, October 11th,  Holy Trinity youth group helped with the Okarche Fire Department Open House. They served the greater community by helping the firefighters with hosting duties.